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Interview with Kasper Bjørke: “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

In Music, Interviews, Slow Movement 31 December, 2019

Alejandro Serrano

Alejandro Serrano


In the wake of the impending climate catastrophe, we, as a human species, need to change the way we interact with the planet, and that affects almost every aspect of our life. Gradually, the music industry has also become aware of this, which leads us to pay more attention in our relationship with tours, clubs and music consumption in general, whether we like it or not.

Danish DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke, one of the most visible and danceable long-distance artists in Europe, is a clear example of this. The curative and lysergic powers of music and protection against the environment are two themes that are at the epicentre of his work, whether through the beautiful work of art from his latest album, titled Nothing Gold Can Stay (hfn music), or your choice to reject some tour dates to reduce your carbon footprint.

And of these incentives, this new album seems to be plagued again.Together with the Valencian DJ and partner in the Chromatic promoter, Josep Llop, we try to dismantle the inspiration behind its latest release and why the urgency of taking measures to protect the powerful and beautiful forces that nature gives us.

It seems that in a society where speed reigns at the same level as anxiety, if we do not reduce speed and increase pauses and wait, sooner or later we will rush into the abyss. This is underlined by Bjørke. I would say that in this fast-paced society, the only sensible thing to do is to reduce speed. I deal with stress, and it always comes up when I travel by plane. I even start feeling anxious the day before I have to leave, so traveling by train is the perfect way to relax more… It’s that simple for me!

Conceived with calm and rest, this Nothing Gold Can Stay stands as a tribute to nature, from every note to the cover design.

His latest album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, a 7-song mini-LP that thoroughly explores both its more analog and rhythmic side, and its tireless passion for synthetic pop of organic physiognomy, is presented as a set-up of many of the principles of this unique artist. This new release features the collaborations of renowned artists such as Toby Ernest, Christian d’Or, Tomas Høffding (WhoMadeWho and Bon Homme) and Justin Strauss.

While his work in part A opts for electronic and close, part B it shoots with the cosmic-disco and house of the 90s. Two sides of the same coin where, on the one hand, the pause and the sound contemplation are claimed, and on the other, the cathartic power of dance music is displayed. The idea was to combine two different moods, so I thought it would be an interesting idea to release them on the same album, but separate […] Part A is for listening at home, while part B is designed to dance in clubs.

Kasper Bjørke

That interest in nature, for the organic in its forms, in the combination of its sounds, is present in the entire work of Kasper Bjørke. But unlike his previous albums, in Nothing Gold Can Stay there is a very careful balance between the ambition of his intentions and the greatness of his results, managing to condense two ideas that seemed that we were no longer going to recover: future and permanence.

In addition, it shows that you know what you are looking for and that in addition to knowing where you are going, you are able to reach your destination providing satisfaction. Conceived with calm and rest, this Nothing Gold Can Stay stands as a tribute to nature, from every note to the cover design.

I chose those two beautiful images of a jungle for part A and a desert to illustrate part B, and obviously, I gave credit to the photographer. I wanted something simple and powerful, a tribute to the forces and natural elements, which also refer to the title of the album. The flowering plants, the desert, the water and the poem are a celebration of the natural world […] I wanted to create an image of how everything is changing, and that we need to reflect and move to preserve nature and appreciate the planet we live in.

On his return, Kasper returns to pay full attention to the sound that consecrated his name, and this time he does it by giving us Nothing Gold Can Stay, a musical treasure that opens borders, inciting body and soul, while moving us as soon as we dance to the action.

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