The Aegean Film Festival is coming back

In Film & Series 12 June, 2021

Chloé Hasgaard

Chloé Hasgaard


The Aegean Film Festival is coming back this July for 12 days to celebrate independent cinema and storytelling, promote new voices and bring together filmmakers, friends and audiences.

The diverse team of “Festival Nomads” from 20 different countries is committed to complete and present the 10th edition with a rich program of award-winning film and documentary premiers, industry seminars, the environmental conference “Echoes” and summer time events.

In order to support the mission of the environmental program “Echoes”, the festival has joined forces with WaterBear Network, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Together, under the auspices of Unesco, the American College of Greece and NBC Universal are presenting the competition: ReScript the Future.

This is a chance for young people to imagine a better tomorrow by creating inspiring environmental documentary ideas. Two winners from both age categories, 13-17 and 18-24 years old, will have the opportunity to produce their scripts into two short documentaries with a budget of up to €25,000 each. These will premiere at the 11th Aegean Film Festival in 2022 and be distributed to global audiences through WaterBear. In addition, 4 winners will win paid internship opportunities in London, Athens, Amsterdam and Bristol, while all finalists will join the jury and the festival guests on the islands this summer. The deadline for the competition is the 20th of June.

Aegean Film Festival

WaterBear is host to over 200 free films that address the most critical environmental issues of our times. They also provide opportunities to take action on these issues by connecting their users with a network of over 90 non-profit organisations.

The Aegean Film Festival announced a continued partnership with the American College of Greece. Originally founded in 1875 in Smyrna, it is the oldest American-accredited college in Europe. ACG offers 34 innovative undergraduate programs in Liberal Arts, Business, and Fine & Preforming Arts. Since 2018 together with the ACG, the festival has developed the Storytelling Workshop a unique approach to creative writing and idea generation. Applicants spent 12 days in Athens and Patmos, creating new script ideas, testing and developing them to a complete film synopsis, under the guidance of an acclaimed team of tutors and consultants. This fall the workshop will be re-introduced in cooperation with Deree’s Cinema Studies. The American College of Greece’s new program welcomes students from diverse cultural backgrounds to assess and assimilate different ways of studying cinema, history, aesthetics and practice. To support this cause, the festival is offering two internship positions for students and graduates to join the team of Festival Nomads.

Exact dates of the festival, the competition jury, the short films jury, the guests and events will be announced soon.

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