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In Lifestyle 23 June, 2019

Aleix de Vargas-Machuca

Aleix de Vargas-Machuca


The elegance is born of simplicity, of the style soaked by tradition that is not afraid to innovate. If these characteristics had a place it would be Denmark, where a movement born in the mid-twentieth century branded iconic design and architecture. The Danish design, with his functionality and indistinguishable mark, was born under the influence of the German Bauhaus school, which impelled designers to use new industrial technologies, combining them with concepts such as simplicity to create buildings, furniture, fashion and objects, which have become icons of design and are still being used and produced.

However, the history of About Vintage, the watchmaking company that has opened a horizon in its own right in the world of accessories in the last five years does not start in northern Europe, but in a much warmer latitude, on a beach of Mexico. There, on the white sand, during a vacation in 2013, two childhood friends who share their common passion for watches, a business concern and the ambition to create on a global path are immersed in one of their usual talks, in front of a bucket full of Coronas.

About vintage

Aleix de Vargas-Machuca (@dr.aleix) and Claudia Moras (@morasclaudia). Photo: ©Rodrigo Asensio.

How is the new classic watch? What would be the ideal watch, an accessible luxury object? The questions were cleared during a conversation that, for once, would end up materializing in a business project. This is how About Vintage was born, a creative, independent dream, the fruit of which has been a perfect collection of watches, which can also be purchased at the brand new store in Copenhagen Airport.

Do not pay for history, make it is a slogan and a statement of a brand that has captivated actors and supermodels like Helena Cristensen, Pilu Asbæk (Borgen, Game of Thrones), Emilie Lilja, Johannes Lassen (Gidseltagningen) or Jakob Oftebro (The Snowman).

About vintage

Aleix de Vargas-Machuca (@dr.aleix) and Claudia Moras (@morasclaudia). Photo: ©Rodrigo Asensio.

As they claim, few resist the test of evolution and, nevertheless, the classic clock has done exactly that. With the vision of being relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, our goal is to make simple but spectacular watches for everyday man. For us, Vintage is not only a reference of style, it is the way to become it. The road (life) will take us through moments full of events, memorable days and even occasions that will change every perspective. We hope that one day your watch will make you look back on these.

Thomas Andersen and Sebastian Skov are the designers of the About Vintage watches, which are characterized by being pieces based on simplicity and balance, combining classic vintage details with small modern elements. Fundamentally, creating designs that present a classic and coherent aspect, and at the same time offering different expressions that allow personalization.

About vintage

With the interchangeable straps and no tools at all, it’s a matter of seconds to bring a brand new look to your wrist.

To name each model, About Vintage looks back in time to find important moments in the history of the clock and to recognize those milestones achieved, such as Moinet’s chronograph introduced in 1815 for observational astronomy.

In the case of the emblematic 1820, we go back to the year in which Thomas Perst was the first person who registered the patent for the automatic winding watch. In addition, the first showroom and the office of About Vintage were located in one of the most historic avenues of Copenhagen: Frederiksberg Allé 8, 1820 Frederiksberg.

Swiss Made standards were not always defined by law. It wasn’t until december 1971 that the trademark was regulated, defining that a watch is considered Swiss whose movement is encased in Switzerland and whose final control by the “Manufacture d’horlogerie” takes place in Switzerland. These legal standards permit watch brands or watchmakers such label and define the standards for bearing a Swiss Made timepiece today.

About vintage

Aleix de Vargas-Machuca (@dr.aleix) and Claudia Moras (@morasclaudia). Photo: ©Rodrigo Asensio.

The precious wood case made to measure and with the engraved logo, in which the 1820 Automatic is presented, anticipates the moment we strap the genuine Italian leather with buckle. The high-precision numbered stainless steel case contains the white dial, with steel frames and hands. Its royal blue needle, covered by a slightly domed sapphire crystal and an anti-reflective coating, marks the seconds. The watch’s technology offers a 40-hour power reserve while its casing offers a 5 atmospheres water resistance. Simple and classy.


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