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In Film & Series 28 September, 2023

Claudia Moras

Claudia Moras


The first edition of the online MyMetaStories festival not only promotes the new opportunities offered by the metaverse to the film industry, but also aims to convert younger audiences and video gamers into movie fans, redirecting them to the platforms or theaters that will make the program available to them. The festival will take place from October 6 to 29 and from 13 to 16 it can also be enjoyed within the video game Minecraft. Like MyFrenchFilmFestival, the new event provides free viewing of all short films, worldwide, while feature films will also be free of charge in Latin America, Africa, and the Near and Middle East. In all other territories, the price per film is €1.99 and the festival package for all films (except geo-blocked areas and feature films that cannot be viewed in Asia) is €7.99.

The MyMetaStories online festival is financially supported by the European Commission as part of the Creative Europe MEDIA program and the Innovative Tools & Business Models for the next three years. The program, which we present below, will be available on October 6 at 00:01.

Feature Films

The Happiest Man in the World (Teona Strugar Mitevska, 2022) 1’40”.

In present-day Sarajevo, Asja (Jelena Kordic Kuret), a 40-year-old single woman, attends a speed dating event to meet someone. There she is introduced to Zoran (Adnan Omerovic), a 43-year-old banker. But Zoran is not looking for love, he is looking for forgiveness. During the 1993 war, he was part of the army that attacked the city and now hopes to find his first victim.

In a tense atmosphere behind closed doors, Macedonian director Teona Strugar Mitevska addresses, through two introspective stories, the modern scars of the Yugoslavian War, and proposes a reflection on human nature, forgiveness and reconstruction.

This co-production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, North Macedonia and Slovenia is available in the original Bosnian version with subtitles in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


The Happiest Man in the World.

Luxemburg, Luxemburg (Antonio Lukich, 2022) 1’45”

In this Ukrainian production, director Antonio Lukich takes the viewer on a road trip, involving two diametrically opposed brothers, and signs a bittersweet comedy about the European mirage and the social malaise of two particular Ukrainian characters.

There are many beautiful places to die in, but Luxembourg is not one of them. Whether we find Luxembourg pretty or not, it is too expensive a country to die in. When the twins learn that their father, absent for years, is ill in Luxembourg, they decide to travel to see him one last time. Will their father still be the same hard nut to crack that they remember?

The original Ukrainian version of this film starring Amil Nasirov, Ramil Nasirovy and Nataliya Gnitiy, is available with subtitles in Italian, English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.


Luxemburg, Luxemburg.

Pink Moon (Floor van der Meulen, 2022) 1’35”

Floor van der Meulen writes and directs her debut feature, a Slovenian-Netherlands co-production, which skillfully addresses the themes of mourning and respect for free will, in a sensitive film that surprises and unsettles, as well as being, paradoxically, full of vitality.

Iris (Julia Akkermans) is 29 years old. One day, Jan (Johan Leysen), her 74-year-old father, tells her that he is fed up with life and would rather die. Iris is then forced to accept a terribly absurd situation. As the fateful day approaches, Iris decides to ignore her brother’s plan of action and use a strong hand to get her father to answer the only question that matters: Why?

Pink Moon is available in Dutch OV with subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


Pink Moon.

Gravity (Cédric Ido, 2022) 1’26”

A mysterious alignment of planets covers the sky and worries the inhabitants of a French suburb. The Ronins-a gang of teenagers who impose their law on the whole neighborhood-see this planetary event as the advent of a new era. Daniel (Max Gomis), Joshua (Steve Tientcheu) and Christophe (Jean-Baptiste Anoumon), three childhood friends separated by drug dealing and prison, will unite to confront the gang of youths. After that night when the sky was covered in blood red, nothing will ever be the same…

Through a captivating cinematic experience, the French-Burkinaise director Cédric Ido has created a pulsating debut feature, in which he tackles the theme of social bonds and unity in a suburban slum, with charismatic characters.

The French OV of Gravity, which won the Jury Prize at the Namur International Francophone Film Festival, is available with subtitles in German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian



Libertad (Clara Roquet, 2019) 1’14”

Nora is not sure how she will survive another summer in her family’s coastal mansion in Spain. Her grandmother is ill and her little sister is such a baby… Hopefully Libertad shows up : she’s from Colombia and she knows how to handle boys. But she is also the maid’s daughter. Their new friendhip must stay secret…

In her first feature film, Spanish director Clara Roquet offers a tender portrayal of passage into adulthood and a subtle examination of social determinism. A teenage summer story of a group of deeply nuanced female characters played with enormous talent.

Hard Shell, Soft Shell (Emma Benestan, 2021) 1’40”

Az works for an oyster farmer in the French town of Sète. He knows everything about oysters, he opens hundreds of them every day. One day, Az decides to hide inside an oyster the ring with which he will propose to Jess, his girlfriend. But she does not accept the proposal. Fortunately, his group of friends is willing to do anything to help him get back on his feet.

Emma Benestan’s first feature film, Hard Shell, Soft Shell is a tender portrait of a scorned young man who, thanks to his childhood friends, assumes and overcomes his fragility. A romantic comedy, sensitive and luminous, with a cheerful group of young actors.

OV in French, with subtitles in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Mother Schmuckers (Harpo Guit , Lenny Guit, 2021) 1’10”

Issachar and Zabulon are two brothers in their twenties who live with their mother, Kashmire, in a popular neighborhood of the Belgian capital. Both are extremely stupid and never bored, as madness is part of their daily life. When they lose their mother’s beloved dog, Jacques-Janvier, they have 24 hours to find him, or they will have to sleep in the street.

The Guit brothers offer in Mother Schuckers an extravagant, provocative and irreverent comedy, with a dubious sense of humor, played by Maximilien Delmelle, Harpo Guit, Claire Bodson. An incarnated, fast-paced debut feature that pushes the limits of the absurd.

OV in French with subtitles in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, English and French.


Mother Schmuckers.


Backflip (Nikita Diakur, 2022) 12”

Taking a backflip involves certain risks. One can break one’s neck, fall on one’s head or sprain one’s wrists. None of it is pleasant, but you can always choose an avatar to do it for you. The avatar is trained by a six-core processor, assisted by a machine learning machine.

Between 2D and 3D, Nikita Diakur humorously explores the process of learning the movement of his avatar and offers the viewer an intriguing perspective on the evolution and fusion of technology and artistic expression. Blackflip, a Franco-German co-production, has participated in the Annecy International Animation Festival in 2022 and the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival in 2023.

Inglorious Liaisons (Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye, 2021) 11″

One night, Lucie, Maya and the other cronies organize an unforgettable party. Even Jimmy shows up, he did it for Maya, everyone knows it. But at the crucial moment of the party, a hidden, tender and confused feeling arises between Maya and Lucie, a feeling difficult to channel in the middle of a party where everyone dances to the rhythm of compilations, alcohol and altered hormones.

Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye evoke with great sensitivity the discovery of homosexuality in adolescence and sign a short film in stop-motion, with a unique aesthetic and an original direction.

Tales from the Multiverse (Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith, 2020) 7″

God is a single father and an amateur programmer. Now, he’s working on the “Earth” project, but his kids won’t leave him alone for a minute. One day, he finally finds the solution. With this humorous revision of the birth of mankind, the Danish trio of Magnus Moller, Mette Tange and Peter Smith imagine three interconnected animated stories and lead the viewer through intriguing alternative realities and their consequences.

Cowboy Kevin (Anna Lund Konnerup, 2022) 6”

Kevin rides off in search of a woman who sends him love letters. When he almost reaches his destination, Kevin is eager to meet her. However, love does not always reside where we think it does. In this beautiful animated film, Danish director Anna Lund Konnerup imagines with mischief and poetry a cowboy wooed by a mysterious creature. Disappointment and regret: how to manage emotions?

With Thelma ( Raphaël Balboni, Ann Sirot, 2014) 17”

An Icelandic volcano has paralyzed air traffic. Thelma’s parents are stranded abroad. While waiting for the situation to normalize, Jean, Vincent and Thelma live together under the same roof. Belgian filmmakers Raphaël Balboni and Ann Sirot humorously imagine a makeshift family, consisting of two uncles and their niece. A story behind closed doors, full of life, at the rhythm of jump-cuts, about the couple, the extended family and a funny look at the adaptation required to take care of children.


With Thelma.

Virago (Kerli Kirch Schneider, 2015) 29”

The story of the life and death of the men of Virago, a village where for centuries no man has been able to live past the age of 40. At least, until now. Estonian filmmaker Kerli Kirch Schneider proposes a fable with tinges of black humor, which evokes through acid dialogues the reality of Estonian rural villages, where the life expectancy of men is 10 years less than that of women.

Scrap (Jamie O’Rourke, 2021) 14”

Ciaran and Michael meet during the summer and become instant friends. When the school year begins, Michael, who is part of the Irish Nomad community, enters the same high school as Ciaran, where they share classes. Will the two young men’s friendship be able to withstand so many changes? Irish director Jamie O’Rourke sensitively brings to the screen a friendship forged in the street and then put to the test in a discriminating society. A sober and moving short film, with fine performances by Lewis Brophy and Jim Donovan.

Money and Hapiness (Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak, 2022) 10”

Hamsters live and work in Hamsterland, a perfect state, with a perfect economy. GDP is constantly increasing, there is no unemployment and 100 % of the population declares to be happy.

In a dystopian world of plasticine, Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak propose in this co-production of Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia a stimulating and universal reflection on alienation and the normalization of the working class, in favor of consumption and growth.

I Want Pluto to Be a Planet Again (Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka, 2016) 11”

A transhumanist love story, in the near future: that of a young boy from a humble background, named Marcus, an H- who falls madly in love with an H+. Marie Amachoukeli and Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka sign this magnificent black and white animated short film, decidedly punk. Over-consumption, the environment and an augmented existence are just some of the dilemmas explored in this fable of the future, as funny as it is terrifying.

Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend On A Mountain (Bernhard Wenger, 2019) 13”

It’s now or never. Daniel proposes to his girlfriend during a ski vacation, while his friend immortalizes the most beautiful day of their lives. This tasty and pathetic mockumentary, shot in sequence shot with a phone, questions the staging of the intimacy of our lives. A satirical comedy in the style of Ruben Östlund, between acid humor and discomfort.

Pollux (Michaël Dichter, 2018) 23”

Vivian and Max, two thirteen-year-olds, will be left without a vacation camp because of the imminent closure of the factory where their parents work, who are struggling not to lose their jobs. But Vivian has a plan to earn money so they can go on vacation. Accompanied by Tom, her childhood friend, the three of them set off without thinking, in a race against the clock. In a teenage adventure chronicle, mixing comedy, thriller and social film, French director Michaël Dichter reveals three young actors. An impressive short film, a harbinger of a first feature film by this director.

Crocodile (Jorge Yúdice, 2019) 4”

When her husband goes out, Alice settles down in front of a live show on her favorite YouTube channel: VictorGaming. It’s a channel about video games and role-playing games. Victor answers questions from his fans. Alice wants to share something important in this conversation.

Jorge Yúdice presents a reconciliation between a mother and her son, through a video game. Skillfully using this medium as a cultural gateway, this filmmaker directs with the utmost sobriety, the story of a silence that has lasted for years and that can be broken in a second. This Spanish short film participated in the Generation section of the Berlinale in 2019.

Chicken of the Dead (Julien David, 2018) 10”

Bernard Lepique runs Quasi, a company specializing in the manufacture of chickens, half organic, half antibiotic. On the day of the launch of the new range of chickens, things don’t go as planned… A gritty comedy, starring Gilbert Lévy and Julie Jacovella, about the methods of the agri-food industry and its marketing excesses, in which Julien David imagines a joyful and crazy uprising of the oppressed, in an increasingly cynical world. Chicken of the Dead participated in the Clermont-Ferrand Festival in 2018.

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