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  • Craig Bratley: El 99.9%
    Craig Bratley: El 99.9%

    Como DJ y productor, Craig Bratley se encuentra entre los más enigmáticos que el mundo de la música electrónica ha dado. El hecho de que gran parte de lo que produce evite los lugares comunes de la música de club o cómo sus sets nos catapultan a diferentes mundos con coherencia, jugando con multitud de

  • Craig Bratley: The 99.9%
    Craig Bratley: The 99.9%

    As a DJ and producer, Craig Bratley ranks amongst the most enigmatic the electronic world has ever spawned. The fact that much of what he makes, not to mention what he plays, avoids the usual traditions of club music, yet he remains one of the finest players to see in a club, kind of summarises

  • Jennifer Touch: “I really have to love a track to play it”
    Jennifer Touch: “I really have to love a track to play it”

    Although she denies it, there’s no doubt of the talent that the selector artistic Jennifer Touch has. His motivations are honest and their music is defined for not being a trove. It represents the last sound boom, without losing sight of the future. We took the opportunity to interview her and understand her way of conceiving

Los hombres son de marte – Marzo 2019

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